Thursday Throwbacks – Grab those Opportunities

Grab those Opportunities

Wow 😱 Can’t believe it was 5years ago that I headed off to take on the Marathon des Sables 2016!

Into believe that it was THIS opportunity that. Hanged my perspective on things - how I spoke and continue to speak about mental health and wellbeing. How I continue to strive to change the conversation around mental illness. How I found what drives me forward 👊💥

The support I received to help get me there, the support during that challenge was simply phenomenal, I still don’t quite understand why those people believed in me and got behind me. I genuinely blows my mind.

It simply comes into my mind in the form of, ‘I can’t believe I did that?!’. ‘Did I really?!’ 🤔

I put my heart and soul into achieving the goal of simply making the start line, it required a community, a team effort. Maybe even more than that, I hoped to raise the profile of the charity I was hoping to help DAMH (Dundee Association for Mental Health). It is now called Wellbeing Works.

156 miles carrying your kit for 6 days through the Sahara desert. It’s really hard to describe that place, you kind of had to be there, but it leaves an imprint on you.

I really owe a huge thanks to all those who supported in me. A small word that has to convey such big emotions.

Thank You - you all made a difference.

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