My Blessing in Disguise 2020: Episode 12 – Louise Johnstone

My inspiring guest, Louise Johnstone, is a wellness and fitness expert, personal trainer, adventure runner and a huge mental health advocate.

We talked about:

* Making fitness fun

* The initiative Louise is creating to raise mental health awareness

* The importance of the support network

* The power of growth mindset

* Mental health

* Inspiring and helping others through sharing our own stories and challenges

* Finding opportunities in difficult situations

* Changing the content vs context of our lives - the power of perspective

* Expanding our potential and capacity

* The gift of slowing down and spending time in nature And so much more...

Enjoy and if you feel inspired to share your story, I invite you to reach out to me on

With love. Basia 💛 #MyBlessingInDisguise2020


Listen to the full episode here